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Pharmacy First Service for Winter Conditions Posted on 7 Apr 2022

Many common winter conditions can potentially be self-managed. These are often self-limiting and require little or no medical intervention. Many people who consult GPs for common conditions could instead be assisted by a community pharmacist. Pharmacists are trained to deal with common conditions; offering advice, recommending over-the-counter (OTC) products or referring patients to other healthcare professionals as appropriate.

A Pharmacy First Service is a service whereby patients are encouraged to consult with a participating community pharmacy first rather than their GP for a defined list of common conditions. The pharmacist will give advice and (if appropriate) supply medication from an agreed formulary or refer the patient to the GP if necessary. Medicines, when deemed necessary, are supplied free of charge.

Symptoms of COVID19 and other winter conditions:

Patients with suspected COVID19 should NOT enter the pharmacy but may wish to access the service remotely (e.g by phone) for advice and/or treatment to alleviate their symptoms.

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