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Need Help Communicating

Communicating effectively with all our patients is essential to the provision of safe and effective care.

Bloomfield Surgery is dedicated to assisting with the challenges of anyone with communication needs in a health care enviroment. This includes people who are blind, deaf, English is not a first language, have a learning disability, have speech or language difficulties, are visually impaired or have any other communication need.

At Bloomfield Surgery we will endeavour to make this as easy as possible, ensuring that proper support is in place for anyone who relies on external services for assistance with communication- right from registration.

We are happy to help you with using:

  • The BSO Interpreting Servce
  • The Big Word Telephone Interpreting Service
  • Interpreter Now for BSL and ISL interpretation (To register see link below)

Please speak to any of our Reception Team for assisitance.

Local Services, Let