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Routine Appointments

All requests for appointments will initially be triaged by a telephone consultation.

Requests for a call back from the Doctor are taken daily at 8.30am. Doctors can only deal with a limited number of routine calls each day, after the routine call slots are full the on call Doctor will deal with emergencies and urgent calls only.

You may be asked to phone back another morning for a routine problem.

You can ask to speak to a specific Doctor if they are available that day.

If your call is regarding a self-limiting minor illness like cold, cough, rash etc. please consider your community pharmacy as a first port of call.

If you have sustained a sprain, cut, burn or an injury following a road traffic Accident (RTA) please contact Ards Minor Injuries to book a same day appointment on 028 91510110.

If you have any eye issue, there is a new NHS same day assessment service called NI PEARS provided by all high street opticians- please contact any optician directly by phone to book.

Many additional services are available for your convenience through this website such as: ordering medication, sick line requests, self-certification forms for the first 7 days of illness and self referrals to Physio, Podiatry, Occupational therapy and Ante-Natal Services.

Primary care is experiencing unprecedented demand during this time and your kindness and patience towards our staff is appreciated.

The practice policy for appointments is as follows:

  Doctors Other e.g. Health Visitor, D/Nurse
Routine with named professional (not counting special clinics e.g. Baby clinics, Asthma Clinics etc) 10 Sessions
(Every Day of the week)
Arranged directly between practice and patient
Routine with any doctor Daily calls between 8.30-10am N/A
Semi-urgent Same day Arranged directly between practice and patient
Urgent Same day N/A
Local Services, Let